THERMO RIP Fat Shredders are one of the strongest weight loss capsules available in the UK, developed to aid the metabolism of fat cells, suppress your appetite and increase the rate at which your body burns calories.
THERMO RIP fat burners are ideal for anyone trying to lose body fat and tone up their appearance and when used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet can produce amazing results for both men and women.
THERMO RIP fat burners can reduce bodyweight in a safe and effective way without any of the unwanted side effects of prescription diet pills.
Energy levels are increased while taking these high strength fat shredding capsules.
Made from natural and tried and tested ingredients here in the UK.
When combined with a healthy fitness regime can produce that toned ripped look.
Rapidly absorbed for fast effective weight loss.

THERMO RIP Ingredients
Green Tea Extract (20mg) known to suppress appetite and increase fat metabolism
Caffeine Anhydrous (117mg) increases energy levels, suppresses appetite, increases bodies ability to burn unwanted body fat and also acts as a mild diuretic.
Bitter Orange (320mg) the strongest of all ingredients increases the bodies metabolism and assists in the shredding of unwanted body weight.
N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine (10mg) helps convert fat in the body into energy and in doing so speeds up weight loss and prevents a build up of unwanted fats in the blood stream.
Guarana (20mg) know to aid energy levels and increase the bodies fat burning capability

THERMO RIP  Directions for use:

Take one capsule before breakfast with half pint of water and second capsule around 4 hours later with water
Alernatively take 2 capsules half hour before your workout.
Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime.